Our Roles and Resposibilities

  • To have a balanced understanding of issues based on the spectrum of views within the neighbourhood
  • To represent members and the greater community in a respectful manner on all issues
  • To support communication and awareness of local concerns
  • To act for the community in its dealings with all levels of government


GARA hosts events such as:

  • Community Skate Days
  • Annual GARA Meetings
  • Annual Park Cleanups
  • All Candidates Meetings before elections.

Voice Your Concerns

We welcome your feedback and your suggestions and urge you to become a member of your residents association if you have not already done so.

Our Executive Members

Ricardo Mashregi, Chair;  Loreena Patttanaik, Secretary;  Mohammad Azar, Volunteer Coordinator;  Sandra Pyke, Member at Large;  Majda Ambrozic, Treasurer; Peter Bernotas, Member at Large; Corie Bonnaffon, Newsletter Editor and Web Master; Tarun Dewan, Committee of Adjustments Representitive;  Rhonda Duma Membership/Special Events.